The below is a log chart for us to to keep track on new additions or minus out birds that have passed away/ have been released. 

Type of Bird


New Birds












African Grey




Jamyang & Aki






6/08/12 - a new baby cockatiel (1 of 3) passed away a day after his fall from his bird house due to too many injuries. Post mortem by Dr.Vellayan.

13/08/12 - (Rescued on 4th Aug 2012)  Found obvious traces of blood strains in his skull area. This is likely due to his fall when we found him a week ago on the floor. Doctor said that the baby cockatiel survived this long is because we nursed him. Normally they would not have lasted for more then a couple of days. Survival rate was 50/50. Post mortem by Dr.Vellayan.

19 - 23/09/12 - 4 adult cockatiels suffering from mites have passed on. 2 passed  away on the 23rd suspected due to the low immune system when mite medication was administered which was warned that this can possibly happen with the medication. The vet, Dr. Shalini is doing a thorough post-mortem and lab test before determining the actual cause of death.


Malaysian Parrot







Shaft-tailed Finch




29/07/12 - Pass away from Ascarids (roundworms) in the intestine. Post mortem done by Dr. Vellayan.  



16/08/12 - Pass away due Ascarids found in the small intestine.Post mortem done by Dr. Vellayan.  

Star Finches




14/08/12 - Died from gas/acid in his stomach due to not eating on time. Suspected Ascarids (roundworms) in the intestine but none were found. A post mortem was done by Dr. Vellayan. 




4/09/12 - Pass away. Ascarids eggs were found in the small intestine.Post mortem done by Dr. Vellayan. 

Malaysian Sparrows







Sun Conures







Total number of birds



Date: 6/09/12



2nd October 2012

Joy and Shin went to Dr. Vellayan to obtained medical health check for 2 Cockatiels and Jamyang our African Grey before transfering them from Haven to Tsem Ladrang aviary:

Dr. Vellayan did the following...

a) physical check of both cockatiels
b) faecal test of samples from both cockatiels
c) faecal test of samples from Jamyang

All 3 birds are NOT recommended to be transferred for at least another 2 weeks.

1.    White cockatiel and Jamyang both have Coccidia (common intestinal parasite). While Jamyang suffers a mild case, it is important to treat it. Doctor prescribed a medicine to be added into the drinking water for 14 days.

2.    Rajendra has been briefed and understood the instruction. After 14 days, a faecal test should be done to check again.

3.    Dr. Vellayan doesn’t recommend for the Yellow cockatiel to join the flock in the aviary due to his aggression, but he can be kept in a cage in the aviary to see if he is hostile towards the rest of the flock.  Doctor also recommended for it to take the anti-parasite medicine as a preventive measure.

More info about Coccidia: 
-    Common in breeding facilities, pet stores etc.
-    Is a common parasite and not necessarily a sign of poor husbandry
-    Spread by contaminated feed and droppings from infected birds, eggs can be carried by man or free-flying birds
-    Can survive for long periods outside the bird's body, so infection can occur simply by placing a bird in a contaminated cage/area
-    Causes a watery diarrhea which is sometimes bloody and can even be a life-threatening problem to an especially young or small pet

KB and I will make sure medicine is given daily and bring the samples for follow-up checks in 2 weeks' time (16 Oct).


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